TenderCare Pediatrics Services nursing and office staff are devoted to providing home health care service with quality care for families throughout the Northern Front Range. Tender Care Pediatric Services, founded in 2005, is the result of the passion that the owners, Kevin and Debbie Hogfeldt have for children in need. This passion took hold of them over 30 years ago as they started their ministry working with children in the foster care system that experienced medical needs. They have devoted their lives to providing not only the best medical care possible in the home care setting, but also giving each child the opportunity to experience life in a home where they were loved and the hope for a “normal” life was the driving force. It was their dedication for helping children that lead them to realize the great need that existed in the community for a home health care agency that could support families and provide them with the same level of care that their own children received. The passion that began with the owners, spreads to each staff member as they observe the difference that Tender Care Pediatric Services makes in the lives every client and family.